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Author Topic: Lesson 2  (Read 3490 times)
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« on: February 28, 2010, 12:04:43 PM »

Lesson 2

In the last lesson we introduced you to the antiquity of our Order and the meaning of the mysteries.  In this one, we continue in the same vein.

Entering the Mystery

When an individual decides to become a part of a cult, sect, or secret society, many things rightly go through his mind as to what benefits he will derive from his membership.  In the past, and even today, people unite for many of the same reasons that led their forefathers to seek the mysteries.  Some of these reasons are misguided, and some simply inadequate.

To begin with, many seek to learn magic, or the Great Art, in order to obtain happiness, health, or peace of mind.  But often they do not realize that for anything of value to be acquired, it must be worked for and earned, and these shortsighted individuals quickly leave the mysteries and seek success elsewhere.

Still other unite for educational reasons, and seeking merely to enhance their intellectual knowledge of people, places and things.  There is nothing wrong with this group, yet they, too miss the mark.

Other seek happiness for purely carnal reasons, believing that the mysteries will offer them unlimited sexual freedom to do what they please, whenever they please.  These, too, fail in their search for the Book of Shadows the handwritten book containing the rituals of the great.

Last but not least, there exist those rare individuals who somewhere deep inside themselves have a desire to become a part of something that they may not yet understand or even know exists, they seek oneness.  Only this group is destined to succeed in the end.

Therefore, we may say that witchcraft as a mystery means many things to many people, and thus its pursuit, and membership in its cult, is as broad or as narrow as humanity itself.  While offering a system of religious or mystical allegory through its use of symbols to convey great truths, it becomes personal to the extent that people see in it what they desire to see.  As a candidate participates in a ritual, it is a drama or play based on themes derived from and directed out of the universal mind.  In this way, witchcraft has been called Cosmic religion.  Since the initiate emerges from his studies with knowledge unobtainable elsewhere, it is a gnosis.

There Stages of a Mystery: Preparation, Probation, Initiation

In ancient times, each candidate who desired admission to the mysteries was first subjected to a series of tests to determine his or her worthiness to receive the mystical teachings.  According to a very ancient tradition of the Great Brotherhood, each would-be initiate was required to learn the meaning of four sacred verbs believed to contain in their understanding the ultimate success or failure of the candidate.  We give these to you as they were given to us.

To Will.  "To will" means that you have determined once and for all to change your mind and your manner of thinking in order to find greater prosperity.  "To will" means also that despite any circumstances that may tend to prevent you from doing so, you will continue in your studies until you achieve success.

To Know. "To Know" means that you have selected for your teachers those persons who have in their possession the keys to the wisdom you seek.  How can you be sure that you have selected the right teacher?  By the lectures themselves, by the exercises, and by the way you yourself feel about these studies.

To Dare. "To dare" means that you possess the courage to study things that are not generally known and that may require you to change your thinking

To Be Silent. "To be silent" means that all we have said thus far has been as a whisper heard by and for you alone.  This is perhaps the most important command of the four!

In the Egyptian mysteries, each candidate was required to read the following confession before Maat, Goddess of Truth.  As it represents one of the first of its kind, we present it for oyu to ponder.  The original papyrus from which it has been translated still rests within the British Museum.

Homages to thee, O thou great God, thou lord of the two Maat goddesses!  I have come to thee, O my Lord, and I have made myself to come hither that I may behold thy beauties.  I know thee, and I know thy name, and I know the names of the two and forty gods who live with thee in this Hall of Matti.  ...  Verily I have come to thee, and I have brought Matt unto thee, and I have destroyed wickedness.

I have not done evil to mankind.
I have not committed theft, murder, nor robbed with violence.
I have not made light the bushel.
I have not uttered falsehood or vile words.
I have not carried off food by force.
I have not lost my temper and become angry.
I have invaded no man's land.
I have not pried into matters to make mischief.
I have not made my speech to burn with anger.
I have not made myself deaf unto words of right and truth.
I have not made another person to weep.
I have not multiplied my speech beyond what should be said.
I have not polluted running water nor laid waste the lands which have been ploughed.
I have never uttered curses against the king.
I have not exalted my speech.
I have no increased by wealth save through my own possessions.
I have not uttered curses against that which belongeth to God and is with me.

I am pure.  I am pure.  I am pure.

My purity is the purity of the Divinity of the Holy Temple.

Therefore let not evil befail me either in this land or in this Hall of Maat, because I know the names of the gods who are therein.

Further instructions

In the last session we introduced you to the use of certain psychophysiological exercises that have been used throughout the ages to develop the psychic body and psychic centers.  Do not pass off these exercises as unnecessary to your advancements or you will find yourself in the position of the man who had never operated a car before and one one as a prize.  Upon receiving the keys, he unlocked the car door and threw them always, wondering "how to get the damn thing started"!

Exercise 2

Continue to practice the breathing exercise taught in the last lesson.  The ancients discovered that the power to concentrate the mind is related to the ability to hold one's vision on a single spot or object.  This and the next few exercises will develop this important ability.  

Obtain a piece of white paper and a pen or pencil.  Draw a triangle, and place in the center a single dot.

Fix your attention on the dot, and see how long you can hold your gaze without blinking or turning awaying.  Try to hold your gaze for at least five minutes.  At first your eyes may water, and your mind will want to turn away.  Continue to practice, and you will find success.

Next, continue to gaze at the dot and try to literally move it toward each of the three corners of the triangle.  For many, especially those who vision has been impaired, the entire experiment can be accomplished by closing the eyes and mentally performing the experiment.  Some students will find themselves capable of having a second dot appear within the triangle.  This exciting experiment will help to strengthen your senses and start to unleash the power of the subconscious mind.  

Try this exercise at least twice daily, using a fresh piece of paper each time.


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« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 12:14:34 PM »

Thank you.

"Dolor diligo vexillum"

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