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Author Topic: Dream..  (Read 3924 times)

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« on: January 23, 2013, 10:21:45 PM »

I wrote this about a month or two ago but nothing odd except whenever I think about it I imagine the long fingers tickling my neck...

Last night I had dreamt a normal dream (forgot what it was) but then I was suddenly I was trying to astral project when this squeaky voice yelled " JUST DO IT JUST DO IT" repeatedly and I could hear my own rapid heart beat as if it was right next to one of my ears. I then stopped and jumped up from the dream. I then fell asleep again except this time I didn't attempt anything and I was paralyzed in this white void I couldn't see anything except to the right. I then tried to force myself up but couldn't. But I eventually woke up. I tried to force myself to stay awake to avoid the inevitable dream. But I failed. This time it was the same except I felt someone's fingers on my back electrocuting my body causing the paralyzing I tried to yell at it but my lips refused to move. I woke up again and stayed up for only half an hour. I was in desperate need of sleep I couldn't resist the urge. Then this time I was in my room and I was in my bed as of I had woken up from the middle of the night. I saw a sort of distortion moving by my half closed door and then it open the door completely. I chased it out of the room and had held it down on the ground and it turned into a boy. He looked no older then 10 and I can't quite remember what he said except something about magic and he said he would stop. So this time I woke again and was relieved to find that the boy would stop. I assumed he was talking about the dreams, but I was wrong. I fell asleep again this time I was blind as well I would close and open my eyes but there was nothing. Then I felt long finger nails dig into my skin and grab my spine electrocuting me and probably doing even much worse damage. It was doing it so badly I began to even see sparks through my blindness. Then this dream happened once more! Except the blindness was gone and these names just popped up in my head I only remember two "D" and "Quinn". This time when I woke up I went back to sleep with a normal dream.

I got to thinking. Maybe I'm the dragonborn but I just don't know it yet.
Thrystal Encantatore

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« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2013, 02:24:49 PM »

That must be really scary. o.o Anyway, you were able to physically touch the boy? Did he tell you who he is? What did he look like?

In a non-paranormal/supernatural point of view, maybe the dreams are just manifestations of/concurring with late insomnia wherein the person has trouble staying asleep? Or maybe the dreams are actually causing the late insomnia. o.o

I have just tried to google about this and what I found was sleep paralysis and dreams of being electrocuted. You might want to check them out to see if you can relate. I could not find something about fingers on the back though.

Anyway, we have a moderator here who has a degree in Psychology. Maybe she'll come and try to shed some light.

T.E. - Thrystal Encantatore the Enchanter
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