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Author Topic: ...Greetings...  (Read 1690 times)

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« on: August 06, 2012, 04:53:34 AM »

really not sure what to put here.. i left some info mation in the help forum those that have read most likely think me crazy.... hopefully not for what i wrote is true... i wrote it kind of with a feverish tude for sometimes i am able to focus and others its like i am barely able to think. i really dont know who to turn too for it is like noone around shows any sign of belief or attention to the workings of energy. i often find myself locked away inside my own head not able to be amongst people.. not able to open my mouth and speak for it i has if something is using my voice already... i tire easy from focu and find myself sleeping quite a lot.. in my post if youd like to take a look i stated that i often feel a presence bearing down on my that i connot throw off while on the edge of the subconscious abyss... i became aware this morning around three oclock that something wasnt right.. i found myself floating inbtween and then i heared someone talking not sure where it was different this time for it was like something was trying to tell me what it was that was bearing down on me mayhaps warning me that it was coming again for right as it started to communicate to me and i it i felt the presence return i was able to thro it off this time it took a lot of willpower and left me a little shaky but i did and immediately i lit a candle and murmered a prayer/rhyme of light. i sleep with a white candle next to me. the candle was immediate in my response and the flame unnaturally white.. bot sure what i am doing but anyone with some feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... so far ten people have looked at my post in the help forum but noone has had any ideas... mayhaps you will any ideas or advixe is better then none...
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