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Author Topic: Learning Clairaudience  (Read 3137 times)
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« on: June 24, 2010, 09:42:51 AM »

Clairaudience is more uncommon than the other psychic senses, probably because it can be one of the hardest to deal with. It's easier to turn one's attention away from images or feelings, but when you hear someone without a body say words sometimes that's enough to put people off of the idea. That's completely natural to feel that way.

I started off with strong Clairaudience. At first, this was rather unsettling to me also, more than the other abilities. I had to really deal with fears to be able to continue down that path. With this type of communication in my experience, it was very energized and a lot less subtle than seeing a symbol or feeling a feeling. It was more "in your face" kind of contact LoL, and although it was never an unpleasant experience, it was also still unsettling until I got used to the idea.
Another challenge is that we tend to associate that sense with our physical ears, hence we strain to hear and miss the communication. In the first part of the book when I first discussed Clairaudience I went into this a bit, but when we "hear" messages come through we are perceiving this from a point in our brain, not in our physical ear. This communication comes through on energy vibrations, much the same way as physical sound, but the frequency, depending on whom you are communicating with is at a pitch not within the range of the human ear.

Everyone has likely seen a dog whistle. We blow on them as hard as we can but don't hear a thing, however the dog goes nuts Smiley. Just because others don't hear what you hear doesn't make you "crazy" it means you have activated the part of your brain that allows you to pick up on these frequencies.

Often those developing clairaudiently will feel tingles in one ear, or one side of their face. They may also hear a tone, or a static sound or like someone talking through a tin can. Sometimes it sounds like the radio is just out of tune and you can't quite pick up the signal. This is very natural and happens when the psychic center that houses this ability is opening.

If you are clairaudient and want to fine tune the skill the first rule is extreme patience. Next is to only open up to this at a time you specify. Surround yourself in your protective light and then relax deeply. Don't struggle to listen with your ears... there is a natural response to want to tilt the head, or strain trying to hear... relax and try not to do that. Ask to communicate with your guide, and then ask that he/she help you learn to "adjust the frequency". You may only hear a tone for awhile, or feel that tingly sensation.

Sometimes people developing clairaudience will pick up on foul language or hear some "not so nice" things. If you are properly protected, this is usually just your fears playing with you... or you may be accidentally picking up on a telephone wire or literal conversation happening somewhere in your vicinity... don't be alarmed. You can shut down, or ask your guides to step in. This sometimes happens when our energy level is low. My personal belief is the more spiritually developed we become the higher our own rate of vibration, hence the higher vibration energies tend to be all we receive at a certain point. As you develop further much of that "white noise" and extraneous stuff will drop away.

This is not saying that if you hear negative stuff you aren't spiritual or that you are doing something wrong. It means simply that your energy level may be low or that you haven't had the experience that helps us to block out certain stuff. It is very common especially when falling asleep or deeply relaxed that you may hear bits of conversations or the occasional word etc. If that troubles you, just meditate on the brow and throat chakras and shut them down. You can ask for protection from the Holy Spirit / Divine Energy during this time, and talk to your guides a lot. You have plenty of help.


Surround yourself in the light with your protective ritual. Sit comfortably in a chair with your notebook or recorder close by. Relax and just try to be in the moment. State your intention to your guide and ask that he/she communicate with you. If you don't know your guides name as him/her what they would like to be called. Don't try to "listen", but try to relax.. If you already know your guides name, start with another simple question and then relax. After a couple of minutes bring yourself back and record anything you perceived. It may be a thought that "pops" into your head, or a sound, or whisper... record everything you experienced. Continue to do this exercise until you receive your guides name, or the answer to the question you presented.

Another exercise is to surround yourself with your protective ritual as above. Again sit and relax, stating your intention to communicate with your guide. This time focus on an image in your mind, in your mind "say" what it is once, and then listen.. Ask your guide to communicate with you about the image. You could also focus on a physical object in the room where you are. Pay attention while doing your best to relax. Make notes of anything you receive.

Often clairaudience is best developed in a group setting. You may wish to join a development circle either physically in your area, or via the Internet in group chats etc.

Smiley - MG

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