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Title: Lesson 1
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You who read this have elected to seek a path trodden by the chosen few.  In this and the lessons that follow you will receive instruction in matter formerly reserved for distribution only in the coven, or circle of thirteen witches, which by tradition meets only when the Moon, or Mother Goddess, is "right" in the heavens.

You will be asked to keep many of the things that you will learn to yourself and never to mention them to the uninitiated, remember that throughout the centuries over nine million of your brethren have met their deaths because of their beliefs.  Remember, too, the words of the Great Mater who said, "Neither cast ye pearls before swine."  Those who have not ear to hear shall never hear, there speak not to them of the things that follow.

The Antiquity of the Craft

In the beginning of time itself there arose a protohuman animal who stood above others of his clan in the acquisition of food and other life-giving substances.  To him was given the great honor of guiding the self-preservation of the tribe.  It was his wisdom, coupled with the belief that all things have a "spiritual essence," that gave rise to animism.

Primitive man hovered in fear before the awesome display of nature's elements of wind, rain, and the fire of lighting.  In order to clam these forces, there arose a belief in "spirits" who lived within people and responded to the right word or ritual, known only by the tribe shaman or magician.  Som toom everything that existed, both animate and inanimate, was thought to contain a living spirit who was either pleased or displeased by one's presence.

If one tripped on a stone, it was not his own clumsiness but rather the work of the spirit living in the stone.  In time, certain spirits were found to exercise greater power than others, and to these was given the classification "Gods" or "what is evoked."

To perpetuate the worship of such special deities, a priesthood and mystery was created based on the myth of the goddness or god.  The very word mystery comes from the ancient Greek word msterion, meaning "to be silent" or "keeping silent".  Thus, the first requisite of the Craft was nonbetrayal of its mysteries.  Next, each candidate was initiated into the mysteries of the cult and underwent an experince that you, too will have later on in your studies.

The Myth of Osiris formed the basis of the Egyptian mysteries, the beginning of the modern witch cult.  It recounts that Geb (earth) and Nut (sky) united and gave birth to Osirism who ruled over the land and was the first king of Egypt.  His evil brother Set, jealous of his many accomplishments, ambushed and slew him and cast his body into the Nile, afer cutting it into many pieces.  His two sisters Isis and Nephtys bewailed his loss until eventually Isis found his body and by means of magic power reconstituted it and infused life into it once again.  In appreciation for the life given by Isis, Osiris married her, and she gave birth to Horus.   Osiris then departed to the other world, where he became Lord of Eternity.  All departed souls must therefore come before Osiris for judgment.

In accordance with the Osiris legend, every ancient initiation consisted of a ceremony in which the candidate was symbolically put to the death and reborn.  As a result of this gnosis, or spiritual insight, the candidate emerged with superior knowledge and often was given a new name to indicate his rebirth.

With the rise of Christianity, believers in the mystery religions were persecuted and driven into hiding, but their traditions were kept alive by the faithful.  In Persia, in the sixth century b.c., they considered themselves practitioners of the Great Art, and these followers of the mystic Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, came to be known as magi, from which the word magic comes.  These same priests, according to the New Testament, attended the birth of the child Jesus.

In ancient Rome, those who practiced the magical art through evocation of the spirits came to be called sorcerers, or those who divned through the casting of lots.

In Anglo-Saxon England, those people who posses knowledge of the occult, or hidden things, were called "wicca" or "wise".  This word later evolved into the word witch, signifying a female practitioner of the arts.  The male counterpart came to be called a "warlock", derived from the word warloga, originally meaning, "traitor" and later evolving to mean "enemy, devil, magician"

In medieval England, these individuals, when evoking spirits of the deceased, were called necromancers.

When magic was used for beneficial purposes it was said to be White; when used for evil it was called Black.  One must looked at the individuals acts themselves, however, in order to distinguish one type of magic from the other, from often anything that is any way different from the beliefs of the majority is thought to be evil and therefore "black".

Further Instruction

In this and in each lesson to follow, you will receive an exercise intented to quicken and awaken the master or psychic self lying dormant within you.  We ask that you keep these instructions in inviolate secrecy, ever speaking of them in public.

Practice each exercise at least once a daily for a period of ten days.  Then rest for a period of three days.  It is most important that these instructions to be followed.

Exercise 1

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet room, and begin to relax by closing your eyes.  Close your mouth, and breathe in and out slowly through your nose.  After you have relaxed and as you breathe in, mentally count to either.  Hold your breath for a count of four.  Exhale for another count of eight.  Rest for four counts.  Repeat.

After practicing the above for a few minutes, instead of mentally counting, accompany each incoming breath with the sound "RAaaaaaaaa."  Accompany each outgoing breath with the sound "MAaaaaaaaa."  One cannot live without breath.  With its proper control, you will be preparing to attain the health, love, and position you seek.

Practice this exercise at least fifteen minutes each day, preferably before retiring in the evening.

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Yes MiddeM, That IS knowledge...

I had a question. but i forgot it....Whats exercise 1 do?

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It's most likely to clear your mind so you can be able to do a spell more effectively. Also, to increase concentration. :)

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Basically these are a series of lessons to help you develop your mental powers.  I wanted to give everyone a chance to read the intro and lesson 1.  It's been a few months..  I'm about to proceed with the remaining lesssons.  Each lesson will build from each other.  Each lesson may ask you to do a number of practise exercises..  some may take days.  Do not move on to the next lesson until you have completed all of your training from the previous lesson.

The first lesson is basically giving you a little bit of background and a simple mind exercise.  It's designed to just basically get your mind into a basic fitness and it will help with some of the more challenging exercises later on.

Is everyone ready?  Has everyone (who wants to) completed (or read) the first exercise?  If not, please do so now as I'm about to begin the lessons.

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Uff i will first need to translate all of this on my language this should be a hard work : ))

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i am going to mentaly count to either? what nuber is that?  ;)

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"instead of mentally counting, accompany each incoming breath with the sound "RAaaaaaaaa."  Accompany each outgoing breath with the sound "MAaaaaaaaa."  "

First mentally and than with sounds.

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I mean, yeah, sure why not? Of course, this is definantely a hard song to learn.

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Lol xD.