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Title: Stuck and Confused!
Post by: Demon808 on June 17, 2012, 04:16:58 AM
Okay so I've been here for just under a month, but I'm really struggling to get any success. I was doing okay before but then it all just stopped. I was weird so I'm gonna start back from the basics and that's were i could use some help (never did anything great to begin with XD)

I'm interested in (all if possible but mainly):
-Energy movement
-Increased Sense (Important to me)
-Increased Agility/strength
-Healing (Important to me, as well!)
-Telekinesis/Mind Reading/Etc.
-Temperature Manipulation

I currently can only do minor healing (like easing pain), create a decent amount of heat 105-120?F out of my hands, and move my energy around/through my arms, sense spirits.

The only thing is i don't really like using tools (ie. Candles, Herbs, etc)...they tend to make it harder for me for some reason but I'm okay with chants (one of my favorite things are chants actually ^^ ) The reason i don't like tools is because i like to be able do what i need to do (especially heal) one the fly and not be like c%@p I'm missing this.

I was looking for just bout anything i could use to train/grow (LOTS OF ROOM TO GROW hahaha XD). methods, ideas, theories, personal spells, how you practice the more i know the better i can become. i fiqured this is the place to come for this kind of help. I Know this is a lot to ask :/ (and i am sorry for that) but please i really need help with this stuff. I really  like to be helpful to others do truly enjoy using something that few can do to help in ways most cant so please do help me.

Title: Re: Stuck and Confused!
Post by: doranlyna on September 18, 2012, 12:41:57 AM
Well I never use any stuffs on my magick..  I use my energy nd elemental energy..  esp water or air.. . It actually helps you increase your power... just ask any question you want.. .